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This page is currently dormant, but someday I hope to activate it. For more information, see

Wikiversity:Why this physics professor will did not join the strike

Instructor's open wiki 000ur

Astronomy Phy1060 is for Spring 2018

  • Logon to wright###.miraheze using the username Wsul###.
  • You instructor will give you the password for your number and you will type Latex code directly into this page:
  • 050ur
  • 051ur
  • 052ur
  • 053ur
  • 054ur
  • 055ur
  • 056ur

057ur 058ur 059ur 060ur 061ur 062ur 063ur 064ur 065ur 066ur 067ur 068ur 069ur

LaTex format

See for example

Copy/Paste to the top of your wiki after clicking edit here

\question Why was the radio image of Sygnas A in color?
\choice the true colors represent temperature
\choice the false colors represent temperautre
\choice the true colors represent wavelength
\CorrectChoice false color represents wavelength
\choice None of these is true

\question xx
\choice True
\choice False


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