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Instructor's open wiki 000ur

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A card game for Bell's theorem and its loopholes
072ur 094ur 096ur 097ur 100ur

Also:040ur 045ur


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The bold-faced wikis (004,014,015) might be accidentally shared between two users.

004ur 014ur 015ur 017u r 018ur 023ur 033ur 035ur


wsul015 will need a new wiki because it is already being used by phy2410. It will be easier for us to adjust in the smaller class.

Phy2400 Tue

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Ping pong ball preliminary result
We rolled pingpong balls in two labs to look for air drag effects

Some reports are at 013

009 006 002 012 gave me good oral reports on ping pong.

The motion detector people did one of the labs.Went well.

  • 021 (with 020 022) collaborative.
  • 011 worked w 026.
  • 003 can't get pictures on.

Phy2400 Thu

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